Rifle State Parks - Rifle Falls State Park discriminates against 68 year old grandmother

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My 68 year old mother along with her sister visited Rifle Falls State Park in Colorado and for the first time in nearly 50 years in this country, she felt like the target of discrimination.The management of the park was completely unwilling to properly investigate.

She initially wrote the park manager herself and essentially took the camp hosts side. I then drafted an email to the park manager on her behalf. He responded more fully then but was still unwilling to admit, even the possibility of wrongdoing.

A couple more exchanges between myself and the park manager were fruitless.

A full summary of the correspondence between my mother, myself and the park management are here: http://boycottriflefalls.blogspot.com/.

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i say we boycott all of Colorado State parks everyone i have been to the people that work there are rude.

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